The sum of wisdom is that time is never lost that is devoted to work.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Located just west of Edson, Alberta, Canada, Yellowhead Wood Products Inc. has been in operation as a secondary-wood manufacturer for over 25 years, born out of an 85-year heritage in the sawmilling industry.

We utilize primarily Lodge Pole Pine and Western White Spruce for the majority of our production. Tamarack (larch), Birch, Black Poplar (cottonwood) and Trembling Aspen are species also employed, but not limited to the manufacture of a wide variety of products at our facility.

We do not harvest timber, but rather, re-work lumber and wood products which have been manufactured by others. Our wood supply includes byproduct from sawmills that would be otherwise wasted or converted to wood chips or destroyed.

All of the fiber we process, and waste created, including the sawdust and shavings are utilized. Nothing is wasted. We are an environmentally responsible company and a committed member of the ForestCare program.

We manufacture high quality products for the western Canadian forest industry.


Yellowhead Wood Products' main manufactured goods are industrial products, consumables for the western Canadian forest industry including kiln sticks, dunnage, and lath.

We also manufacture high quality wooden components for a patented outdoor deck system, fencing, picnic tables, etc. Yellowhead Wood Products Inc. also provides custom services including heat treating: kiln drying, PET or DET trimming, planing, and packaging to name a few.

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Our commitment is to manufacture high-quality products, to provide service equal to our product, to be careful, safe, and productive, to deal with each other, and with others fairly, to be mindful of the needs of the community and environment and to grow with our suppliers and our customers.

Our mission is to be every customer's ideal supplier and every supplier's ideal customer.


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